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It’s Marina’s Orange Trees video


The Briefing

Did you know that by 1987, orange trees had become the most cul­tiv­ated fruit trees in the world? 25 years later, sweet oranges made up 70% of all citrus business. People just fucking love oranges don’t they?

And there is no doubt that oranges taste delicious. What’s better, for instance, on a summer’s morning, than a refresh­ing glass of orange juice? Well, a can of Lilt, yes. But still. The thing is, if you take beverage pro­duc­tion out of the equation a standard orange is no match, certainly in terms of con­veni­ence, for the humble satsuma. Sadly thanks to the efforts of Big Orange it’s unlikely satsumas will ever take their rightful place on the fruit throne.

To be clear on this: in no way is Popjustice sug­gest­ing that the mere existence of the song Orange Trees is hard proof that Marina has accepted money to promote oranges over satsumas. Equally, we live in a time where it would be foolish to state with total certainty that such an arrange­ment had not taken place. 

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