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New Music Friday: Kailee Morgue is so tired of breaking shit


The Briefing

The Song Of The Week is Headcase by Kailee Morgue and Hayley Kiyoko.

Lots of pop is in a strange place at the moment and right in the middle of it all there’s the welcome and neces­sar­ily rise in “we need to have a con­ver­sa­tion about how we feel” occa­sion­ally leading to what feels like marketing depart­ments, artists and even fans colluding in the unhelpful fet­ish­isa­tion of mental health issues. Kailee and Hayley get the balance just right on the bold but under­stated Headcase; “hold my hand, don’t touch” is quite the lyric.

(Unexpectedly this song inter­pol­ates Pixies’ 31-year-old song Where Is My Mind?.)

Additional notes:

  • August Eve should be required by law only to release music on July 31 but the back end of March will have to do. The LA-based song­writer (and producer) delivers a blinder with You Already Know.
  • Norwegian producer Askjell is worth keeping your eye on; he’s already produced for Sigrid and Aurora and five-minute mini mas­ter­piece Autumn, Autumn is a spec­tac­u­lar piece of music. Possibly best exper­i­enced with the video.
  • Good old NIMMO.
  • Further invest­ig­a­tion is recom­men­ded regarding LPX (Falling To Fall is one of four songs on a new EP) and Brendan Maclean (whose Layer On The Love is part of debut album And The Boyfriends).
  • Glowie‘s follow-up to last year’s highly brilliant Body has arrived! It’s offi­cially ‘better than okay’.
  • It would be inter­est­ing to hear what Marina imagined Orange Trees sounding like before it went a bit ‘Anne-Marie’, although maybe this was the plan all along. Who knows. (In case you missed it, a Krystal Klear mix of Handmade Heaven popped up last week.)
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