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Time once again to update the Best Madonna Lead Singles list


The Briefing

Dancer. Professor. Head of state. Whore. Spy. Traffic warden. Alpaca whisperer. Plumber.

Madonna returns today with Medellin which, what with it being the first single from Madame X, means it’s time for each and every one of us to fire up the spread­sheets and recon­sider our Best Madonna Lead Singles charts. Usual rules apply: studio albums only, don’t get side­tracked by whether or not a song was The Right Choice As Lead Single, etc etc etc.

Actually, close Excel — you don’t need to bother with yours because the only one that’s based on Actual Fact is the one that looks like this:

  1. Like A Prayer (Like A Prayer)
  2. Hung Up (Confessions On A Dance Floor)
  3. Frozen (Ray Of Light)
  4. Live To Tell (True Blue)
  5. Music (Music)
  6. Like A Virgin (Like A Virgin)
  7. Erotica (Erotica)
  8. American Life (American Life)
  9. Medellin (Madame X)
  10. Secret (Bedtime Stories)
  11. Living For Love (Rebel Heart)
  12. Everybody (Madonna)
  13. 4 Minutes (Hard Candy)
  14. Give Me All Your Luvin (MDNA)

Thank you for your time. Meet you back here in three years?

Give you give you more give you more give you give you more


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