Home Fact Mag Stormzy returns with the irresistible ‘Vossi Bop’

Stormzy returns with the irresistible ‘Vossi Bop’


Watch the new video, featuring a cameo from Idris Elba, now.

Grime MC Stormzy is back with a new single.

‘Vossi Bop’ is named after the viral dance created by NL Vossi in 2015. Check out the video, which features slick choreography, shots at Boris Johnson and an Idris Elba cameo, below.

Despite releasing no music, 2018 was a big year for the Croydon-born MC and saw him launching his own record label (#Merky Records, a subsidiary of Atlantic), publishing imprint (#Merky Books, a collaboration with Penguin Random House UK) and a studentship at Cambridge University, The Stormzy Scholarship. He was also announced as the first grime artist to headline Glastonbury Festival.

‘Vossi Bop’ is out now.

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