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New Music Friday: Dan off Bastille watches the world but all he thinks about is you


The Briefing

The Song Of The Week is Doom Days by Bastille.

No dis­respect to the Good Grief hitmakers but it feels a bit strange to make Bastille Song Of The Week when Taylor Swift’s got a single out. Still, here we are. Doom Days, a claus­tro­phobic love song seen through the prism of Brexhaustion, envir­on­mental apo­ca­lypse and social media addiction, ‘clocks in’ (music biz term) at just 2:20 but builds and builds through several distinct stages before hitting its wobbly elec­tronic climax. It does all this while also managing to reference every single book you studied for your English Literature a-level.

Additional notes:

  • The Fear part of Marina‘s LOVE FEAR is out today; pick of the bunch is Too Afraid.
  • Fresh Black Butter signing LORYN has big things coming and Sirens is a top notch intro­duc­tion to a v talented new artist.
  • Zara Larsson has the week’s best single artwork. Should we read anything into how quickly this song has followed Don’t Worry Bout Me?
  • Xenomania girlband unperfect have unveiled an EP called Yeah, Why Not, with Rope and Looking For A Hug doubling down on the low-slung breez­i­ness of Gots To Give The Girl.
  • Best one yet from Chelcee Grimes, well done everyone.
  • What is Dorian Electra playing at? WHO KNOWS!! But their Flamboyant video is Really Quite Something.
  • Also Really Quite Something: Eurovision winners Keiino have released a studio version of Lady Gaga & Pal’s Shallow.
  • The RSPB — ie, the bird people — have today released a single which is no more, and no less, than the sound of birdsong. They’ve promoted this with an email that makes a joke about swifts topping the iTunes chart, so deserve a mention in this roundup. But not a place on the playlist. (Let’s just wait for the inev­it­able R3HAB remix in three weeks.)
  • Don Walk finds Stefflon Don on the passenger side of Rymez‘s ride.
  • The Taylor Swift single sounds like being trapped in a branch of Smiggle.
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