Home News Appreciating the majesty of CXLOE’s slow-reveal bubblewrap coat

Appreciating the majesty of CXLOE’s slow-reveal bubblewrap coat


The Briefing

This, the new one from CXLOE, is how you do a lyric video. First step is to make sure you’ve got a song whose lyrics are good enough to justify writing them down, an important piece of due diligence most artists somehow miss. Second step, of course, if you’re working with a still image, is to slowly reveal a popstar wearing a coat made of bubble­wrap. Stylish and practical. You can’t go wrong. Makes touring easy as well, just chuck yourself in a box and off you go.

In song terms Low Blow also means that in an insanely crowded corner of the pop mar­ket­place CXLOE’s emerging as one of 2020’s bigger pop hopes. Low Blow sits bril­liantly alongside this year’s excellent I Can’t Have Nice Things and 2018’s Show You while also showing a clear and exciting upward tra­ject­ory.

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