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  • Fella is Fire

    By JDub28
    Awesome songwriting here great voice
  • Articulate and passionate

    By FleemingE17
    He can sing and he can write. As far as I’m concerned both his head and his heart are in the right place. It’s a beautiful album. I love it.
  • Excellent Debut

    By Maggotty Pete
    Tremendous stuff.
  • Wallop

    By passion patients power
    This lad has the world in front of him if your giving it one star why are you on here
  • Northernmonkeymusic

    By Northernmonkeymusic
    Absolutely superb! Not much more can be said really... Absolutely superb!❤️🎼
  • Privilege

    By Leefrost1980_lee
    Not my cup of tea. Poor lyrics and music
  • Thank you

    By Jimjams71
    Thanks for your passion, hard work and making the most of your talent. This album enriches the lives of music lovers. We can ask no more. Salut.
  • Josie16

    By tophoose
    What a mint album! Every song draws you in. Great tunes, amazing voice and superb band. Well done, can’t stop listening.
  • Retro-Speculative

    By Macfluffybelly
    Sonically it not ground breaking by any means but within the boundaries and paradigm of guitar band rock/pop it’s interesting enough. Its heart is in the right place however and it’s its intelligence that elevates it above the norm and (rarely for me) makes it worthy of a purchase in true retrospective style harking back to my old traditional music buying days! At last for these challenging, dangerous and divided times a young man with something to say..........
  • Supersonic

    By bankserama
    Supersonic sh***. Glad Liam Gallagher has made a comeback and knocked this pile of w*** off the top of the charts.